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Two Strong Hearts

Cath Grant is quite simply special.  She creates magic with her paints.  Her work is generous, loving and reflects her giving, creative soul. I commissioned a work from Cath to celebrate the life my beautiful daughter and I share and she gave us Two Strong Hearts – we couldn’t love it more. Cath has generously…
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An Amazingly Beautiful Soul

Cath Grant’s art goes beyond the human eye and delves deep within the soul. I have two of Cath’s works and find her art stimulates, elates and transforms by its incredible vibrancy, liberty, and intimacy. Cath’s talent to translate human emotions to the canvas is what excites me the most about her work. She is…
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Sublime Beauty, Excitement, Intellectual Explorations

Cath Grant is able by virtue of her imagination and talent and skill, able to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.The area of fine art is constantly being extended to embrace new activities arising because of either new technology, or artistic invention. Cath’s art represents an outlet of expression, that is…
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A Beautiful, Gifted & Talented Artist

For more than 30 years, Cath Grant has made a big impact on my life. A beautiful, gifted & talented artist, whose paintings have the ability to touch hearts & change lives. Cath is a tremendously generous soul. As with many people, my life has been a series of highs & lows. The consistency of…
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A Modern Day Zen Master

Cath Grant has that unique ability to capture complexity and find its minimal form. A modern day Zen master who instead of instructing devotees, instructs colour !

Peaceful Joy

Cath has always impressed me with her loving spirit and how that is reflected in her artwork. We have one of her Heart series of paintings in our home and feel it radiates peaceful joy.