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Your Lovely Work

I’m so glad you followed your heart and found creative expression for your passions. Your work is so vibrant and life affirming. Love Kathy

Patience, Persistence and Love

Artworks by Cath Grant possess ethereal attributes derived from her infectious and pervasive sense of optimism. She sees things in a vibrant yet pleasing mix of coloured patterns and shapes. These align with her own belief in life and happiness. Decades of experience at honing Cath’s unique skill in choosing aesthetically pleasing colour combinations reflect…
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Creating Artworks from her Heart

I have known Cath for 3 years, in this time I have witnessed how Cath utilizes her art as part of her healing journey. Cath has her own unique style of creating artworks from her heart, using dots, small strokes and laying many colours. She doesn’t use any references and paints only as she feels,…
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Beautiful and Meaningful Artwork

Beautiful and meaningful artwork, each piece communicates a story, Cath has a true ability to speak through her art. I am very grateful for the artwork donation Cath made to our March into Miracles charity and the Emerald Ball – raising money for kids with disabilities. The colourful expressions of her artwork amazed everyone, sparking lots of activity…
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How Lucky am I

Back in 2007(?) I stumbled across a Cath Grant exhibition in the rainforest at the base of Mt Warning in northern NSW. Although I was mesmerised by the colour and style I did not buy a painting at the time. Some years later I tracked Cath down and was able to view her current works…
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Art Celebrating Itself

Cath Grant presents a symphony of colour in a vibrant mix of abstract expressionism and pointillism. Cath’s paintings have lightness and life force about them. It is art celebrating itself.

Definitely an Investment

This is ‘Starchild’, I love Cath Grant’s work, from the collection of cartoons I have of hers to my new beauty seen here. The depth of colour that Cath creates means that you are always looking deeper into her art. I love it when people see it at my house, I watch them as they…
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The Privilege of Enjoying Cath’s Artwork

Cath Grant is a remarkable woman and artist.  When I first met Cath I was struck by her beauty, her warmth and her vision of the world. She is, in spite of facing many difficulties in her life, an optimistic person who sees her life as an unfolding network of possibilities. That optimism and belief…
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Amazingly Intricate and Vibrant

I have known Cath for over 30 years and have watched her develop into one of the most delightful, kind, loving, gifted & talented people I know. From her zesty cartoons & crazy diamond doodles to the amazingly intricate and vibrant paintings she produces today, Cath’s works have always appealed to me. I commissioned Starry…
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Joy in all Her Work!

From her witty and beautifully drawn cartoons to her stunning land and dreamscapes, I have loved following Cath’s journey as an artist over the last 30 years. To me her art is inextricably linked to her path and place in this world; and the generous, insightful way she views it. Im sure this is why…
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