The Privilege of Enjoying Cath’s Artwork

The Privilege of Enjoying Cath’s Artwork

Cath Grant is a remarkable woman and artist.  When I first met Cath I was struck by her beauty, her warmth and her vision of the world.

She is, in spite of facing many difficulties in her life, an optimistic person who sees her life as an unfolding network of possibilities.

That optimism and belief that the world is a place of beauty is resonant in Cath’s many works of art.  I love her sense of colour and design, and the depth of meaning that reveals itself with every new viewing of her work.

I hope that many more people have the privilege of seeing and enjoying Cath’s beautiful artworks, and that they come to share the even greater privilege, as I have, of owning one of her paintings.

Thank you Cath, and God bless you.