Creating Artworks from her Heart

Creating Artworks from her Heart

I have known Cath for 3 years, in this time I have witnessed how Cath utilizes her art as part of her healing journey. Cath has her own unique style of creating artworks from her heart, using dots, small strokes and laying many colours.

She doesn’t use any references and paints only as she feels, watching her paint is like watching a meditation take place….She delves deep into her heart and allows the colours to flow through her, using rhythmical brush strokes.

Her eye for colour is remarkable, your eyes dance around the art piece never focusing on just one area. She also uses many natural objects to paint on or in the art pieces – such as stones, gems and shells these are placed in rhythmical patterns to depict life’s journey to the heart.

When walking in nature with Cath, she sees love hearts everywhere……in leaves, rocks, shells, waves, sand, trees – she explains these as being messengers from her late brother who sadly passed away.

Cath’s purpose in life is to see love in all things and to share her artistic works and skills with all – so they too can see love….

Thank you Cath for being in my life and for being YOU